About Laura Gaskill

I'm Laura Gaskill, a writer, mom, and creative soul living on an island in the San Francisco Bay with my husband, son, and little black cat, less than a mile from the house I grew up in. 

I’ve been a page at the public library, an art store clerk, teacher, interior design student, and — for the past eight years — a freelance home and garden writer. I've lived on both coasts, raised a flock of backyard chickens, bought and sold a house, interviewed many designers, and watched every episode of The Great British Baking Show.

What You'll Find Here:

✔︎ Compassionate, gentle encouragement, and no judgement, ever.

✔︎ Inspiring blog posts about home, creativity, family, and living a good life.

✔︎ An uplifting weekly podcast with encouragement for your journey.

✔︎ My short and sweet email, called The Simple List, that won't overwhelm your inbox.

✔︎ An online course to help you create more breathing space in your home and schedule.

About Laura Gaskill

Pop Quiz!

Most Amazing Adventure:

I studied wild dolphins in the Bahamas with my mom when I was about 12 years old.

Riskiest Thing You've Done:

Bungee jumping (and I would never do it again!)

Ideal Day:

Sipping iced coffee on the deck of a beach house in the Outer Banks, swimming in the ocean, then cooling off in a bookstore.

Personality Type:

Introvert, questioner, and enneagram 4

Places You've Lived:

Alameda (my hometown ... twice!), San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Coffee or Tea:

Fair trade coffee in the morning; white tea with rose or earl grey in the afternoon.

Skill You Wish You Had:


Most Disorganized Part of Your Home:

Photos! Also, toys.

Best Book You've Read Lately:

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Favorite Season:

Autumn in New England

Bragging Rights:

My online course was featured in Nest, the quarterly print magazine published by Seven Days Vermont (hip hip hooray!). In addition to being a longtime contributing writer for Houzz, my work has been quoted or featured in the Boston GlobeRed Tricycle, the New Haven Register, the Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Working Mother, Forbes, Making it Lovely, Gatherings Magazine, and more. 

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Teal Heart

“The neatification spurred teeny eureka moments: “Aha!” I reported one Friday. “This process is actually about self-respect, identity and being b-b-brave!” As my recycling bin and Goodwill box swelled, I swear I felt sharper and clearer mentally.”
— Julia Shipley, Seven Days Vermont