Welcome! I'm Laura, a writer, mom, and creative soul based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I help people unclutter their homes and schedules so they can focus on the things that are most important to them. My courses offer tools for simplifying life, and provide a safe space to gather in community and support one another along the way.

How did I get here? In 2009 I took a leap: I left a career in teaching, traveled across the country with my husband, and bought a little yellow house in Providence, Rhode Island. I used the big move as an opportunity to make a change in my life, and signed up for an Interior Design certificate program at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). While still in design school, I started a blog, had a baby, and began writing occasionally for Houzz.com, which was still in its early days. I went from working as a teacher to working as a freelance design writer, which allowed me the flexibility to work from home with my wee one, putter in our garden and tend to our small flock of urban chickens. After seven years in New England, we headed west once again, and currently live in my hometown of Alameda, California, an island in the San Francisco Bay.

I have interviewed many designers, architects, and homeowners, and written extensively about all aspects of life at home as a longtime Houzz contributor, and my top takeaway is this: to be content at home has little to do with money or square feet, and everything to do with making room for what you love, treasure, and value. I hope that through my words, photographs, and occasional interviews with creative folks on this site, you will find inspiration to take along on your own journey, and perhaps even take a step in the direction of your dreams.

Most days I write, create, and blog from my kitchen table (or in the garden on a lovely day), and last year I launched my first e-course on Mindful Clutter Clearing ... so I’ve come full circle in a way, and I am incredibly excited to be teaching again in a new medium. While my path has been less than traditional, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


My work has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, Working Mother, sfgate.com (website of The San Francisco Chronicle), Boston.com (website of The Boston Globe), Forbes.com, Remodeling Magazine web edition, Making it Lovely, Gifted Magazine, Gatherings Magazine, and more. My writing for Houzz has been translated into five languages (and counting).

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