Moments of Beauty: A Peek Into My August Gratitude Practice

Some of you may remember that last month I started a new gratitude practice. We’ve all heard about the far-reaching benefits of gratitude (it’s been found to boost happiness, strengthen relationships and more) but keeping a gratitude journal can seem like just one more thing to do. Accountability can help cement a new habit, so simply by sharing a bit of my list here, I’m actually boosting the chances that I will continue making gratitude a regular practice in my life. Why don’t you join me?

How I've Made My Days Feel More Abundant (And You Can Too)

It's the beginning of a new school year, and that means a shift in routines for many of us — with or without kids. I love fall something fierce, but the transition into this season can be a tricky one. To create a more intentional (and hopefully more pleasurable) early fall, I've been rethinking the way I approach my days.