Mindful Clutter Clearing e-course — Registering Now

I spent four years dreaming up this course, and it has been amazing to see it finally come to life this year, and with wonderful results! The Mindful Clutter Clearing e-course is a 6 week online journey to a simpler home + life. This Spring session begins on Monday, so there's still time to sign up this weekend. Together in class, we will be digging deeply into the emotional roadblocks that stand in the way of clearing clutter in your home, so you can finally create the space you want and need. Books and articles are wonderful, but nothing can replace the personal attention + community support of a safe and caring group to motivate and inspire you to reach your goals.

Photo:  Vivian Johnson for  Shira Gill

Photo: Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

Together, we will cover...

  • A simple 3-step process to clear clutter from your space
  • Creating more time in your day, week, month + year
  • Intentionally setting life priorities + refocusing on what is most important to YOU
  • Creating your own capsule wardrobe
  • Releasing feelings of guilt + shame as they relate to clutter
  • Getting body positive + sending yourself some love
  • Learning from the tiny home philosophy
  • Sorting paper piles + files without tears
  • Living with heirlooms + meaning
  • Creating your own personal treasure box
  • Learning about archival materials + how to store your most cherished items so they last
  • Use-what-you-have decorating ideas 
  • Clearing clutter from your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room
  • Learning strategies to keep your home clutter-free after the course ends
  • ...and MORE!
Photo:  Vivian Johnson for  Shira Gill

Photo: Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

If you have not yet taken Mindful Clutter Clearing, this course lays the foundation for everything that follows (including the Fall Workshop Series I will be offering later in 2016), so if you want to give clutter the boot this year, this is the place to begin! During the Spring session you will have access to past guest content (including tips on releasing guilt from Boston-based psychologist Jessica Rasmussen, PhD), plus several new guests, including Shira Gill, a San Francisco Bay Area based organizer + stylist, who also happens to be a life coach, and whose work is featured in this post (also find her on Instagram) ... as well as Laura LaVoie, who will be sharing lessons learned from living life in a 120 square foot tiny home

The wonderful thing about this course is that you will be learning to shift your thinking about clutter + your belongings in a lasting way, which will make it easier to create a home and life that aligns with your deepest desires, values, and passions.

This is also a SAFE and PRIVATE space where you can feel comfortable and welcome to share your personal struggles and complicated feelings around your belongings, inherited items from loved ones who have passed away, feelings of overwhelm when surrounded by a houseful of children and ALL of their stuff, and more. If you've been feeling alone, or like you don't know where to begin, this is where you begin: together, step by step. 

And yes, we will be busting some actual clutter along the way! If you haven't signed up yet, you can grab your seat in class right here

xo Laura

(all photography in this post by Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill Organization + Styling)