From the Heart

Hello lovelies! I wanted to pop in and tell you about a little shift I have just made that's already feeling really good - instead of a boring old newsletter, I have just begun a new practice that I am calling From the Heart: twice monthly letters from the heart, from my inbox to yours :-) This feels like a safer, more intimate space than out here "in the open" on the blog, it's a place to reveal a bit more of my heart, share bits and pieces of my story, and hear back from you (I hope) as well.

Today I sent out my first letter, with the photo above, and just this once, I will include a piece of the text below, so you can get a taste of the sort of thing I will be sending out, in case you want to join us...

"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear." - Rumi


To warm up to this idea of notes sent from the heart, today I thought I would share something that is on my mind: a sacred pause. Even when I finally have a few hours to myself, I tend to fill it up - with chores, email, a bit of work, or (most annoyingly of all) simply sitting around not really enjoying myself but not getting anything done, either. Do you ever do that? It’s as if my brain won’t allow me to just BE.

But as I was flipping through a magazine the other evening (I think it was Yoga Journal) there was an article with the title, “A Sacred Pause”. I mean, how juicy does that sound!? As my eyes glued themselves to those words, it struck me what was so important about them: calling something a sacred pause brings importance, even reverence, to doing nothing. It’s allowing us permission to simply BE. Permission to slow down. Permission to let the chores lapse. Permission to stare out the bloody window if that’s what you want to do! 

Because the fact is, we need to pause. We need breathing space in our lives as much as we need air in our lungs. To pause is to be present in the moment. To pause is to let the oxygen of your breathe refresh you and replenish you. To pause is to realize that you are complete right now, just as you are, in this very moment - and what could be more sacred than that?

So as I go about my day, I am trying to be very mindful of those opportunities to pause, and I’ve decided to view them as little treasures. Even ten minutes can be a real treasure if it’s spent filling your well of vitality and creativity! 

But sometimes we really do need and deserve a longer pause. More than a few hours...a week, or a long weekend at least, to really recharge. Next week we are off to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a much-anticipated family trip - I can't wait to dive into the Atlantic, feel the salt water buoying me up, and sit on the deck every afternoon. This will be a delicious test of my resolve to practice a "sacred pause" for sure... ;-) But the sad truth is, these days even vacations can be swallowed up by our devices and endless mental chatter. So while I don't anticipate having any trouble unplugging, I am still setting an intention to be fully present during this trip, just in case I find myself tempted to check my phone a little too often.


A few ideas for taking a Sacred Pause of your own...

  • Look up at the clouds and take five deep belly breaths
  • Treat yourself to a special drink at your favorite cafe (I’ve been loving iced coffee with coconut milk)
  • Write a journal entry
  • Put on headphones and take a walk, listening to music you love or a podcast you adore, but usually don’t make time for
  • Do a bit of creative writing: a poem, a love letter, a short story...and just see what happens
  • Lie down and close your eyes!

xo Laura

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