Course Overview

Cultivating Simple Workbook

Hello lovelies and welcome to Cultivating Simple!

I wanted to make sure everyone gets properly settled in and offered a cup of coffee or tea before we begin. :-) Each Monday morning I’ll send you a short email just to let you know what is happening that week, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting. We will be following a rhythm where a new session lands one week & the following week we meet up in our community forum (more on that in a moment) to check in and discuss with one another.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already made your way to our private course blog — hooray! This is where all of the content (podcasts, lessons, projects) in our course will live. There are three other key parts of the course that are helpful to know about: our community forum, the course workbook, and the checklist. Let’s look at each of those a bit closer now:

1. Community Forum

Whenever you have questions or comments, the best thing to do is hop over to our private community forum where you can connect with me and your fellow clutter clearers. This is a private, stand-alone forum (i.e., not Facebook) that lets us discuss topics, connect with each other, share progress, and have live chats.

If you’re reading this as part of the sample lessons, please note that the forum is only made available after the course start date. If you’ve already signed up, don't worry — you will be getting instructions on how to join the forum before we officially begin.

Cultivating Simple Workbook

2. Course Workbook

Your course workbook is filled with journaling prompts and questions designed to help you dig a bit deeper into the emotional roots of clutter. I encourage you to print it out, and dive right in with the “00. Begin” section. I had mine printed at my local office shop and spiral bound so it’s easy (and pretty) to use, but you can certainly print yours at home or keep it digital and simply record your responses in your own journal.

Pour yourself a mug of hot tea, grab your favorite pens, and make it your own:

3. Lesson Overview + Checklist

For those who love to be organized, I’ve also made a little single-page printable checklist so you can keep track of all of your progress. It includes all of the lessons, projects + podcasts, as well as reminders to check in with the group at the end of each session. If you want to make sure you stay motivated through all 10 weeks and see real progress, I encourage you to pin this up somewhere (or tape it into your journal or planner) and check off items as you complete them.

If you’d rather use the checklist digitally, you can also “check” items off right on the PDF document. Grab your checklist right here:

Teal Heart.jpg

For quick reference, here’s a simplified list of all of the course content:

Cultivating Simple Checklist part 1.jpg
Cultivating Simple Checklist Part 2.jpg

The simple fact that you are here is a wonderful step in the right direction. And please know you can always feel free to email me directly ( with any questions or concerns throughout the course. This is meant to be a positive + inspiring experience, and I am here to help!

Let’s get started!