Mindful Clutter Clearing e-course

7 weeks to a more spacious, peaceful home

January 16 - March 3, 2017

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Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

I put together a podcast (6 minutes) to give you a quick overview of the course — press play below to have a listen:

a new year, a fresh start

Begin your new year on a positive note by clearing away the clutter from your home and life, and make room for what really matters to you. With 7 weeks of mindful guidance, inspiring podcasts, and clear, step-by-step instructions, we will work together to gain more space in our homes, and face the year ahead with renewed energy and purpose. 

Together, we will...

  • Untangle the complex emotions at the root of clutter + let go of items you have been holding onto for years (or decades!) 
  • Learn how to break down a seemingly overwhelming task into doable bite-size pieces
  • Make strides in clearing your space with confidence instead of fear.
  • Gain clarity around what you truly value in your home + life

Mindful Clutter Clearing e-course: January 16 - March 3


  • You have clutter you want desperately to let go of, but sorting through complicated feelings (of guilt, fear, disappointment, or nostalgia) stops you from following through

  • You’ve read books and articles on clutter clearing, but can’t seem to move from inspiration to action

  • You feel that support and one-on-one advice would really help you let go of clutter, but don’t want to shell out the moolah on a personal organizer (who may not ‘get’ the emotional side of things anyway)

  • You feel ready to make a major change in your life and living space, and make room for new, beautiful experiences to enter

  • You want to finally say goodbye to the things in your home that are no longer serving you

Kind words from past students...

  Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

The course has helped me re-focus on things that matter in my life and how to get there: an emptier house and more focused priorities on how I use my time. Thank you, Laura, for offering this course. I would certainly be interested in taking up another one for more support.
— Ann E. (Spring '16)
Your course led me to examine my life — something I did not expect. I spent most of my month with you thinking about my life, my space, my belongings, how large/small a living space I want ideally, people in my life and how they fit into my house, my wardrobe and how that affects what belongings I keep, and much more ... Much more valuable than just throwing a bunch of stuff out, which I have done before. Thank you!
— Anne H. (Winter '16)
I recently moved but I haven’t been able to move forward because my clutter was literally in the way. I want to share [this course] with all the people in my life that are stuck.
— Jacquie G.M. (Spring '16)
I really found that I had been going about decluttering and organizing in the wrong way before I took this course. It was more about sorting and containing the stuff in an organized way, but your course helped me see it all in a completely different light! I’m so much more pleased with the outcome and feel like I have control over the clutter and can take care of it before it becomes overwhelming. I still have areas of the house to conquer, but it’s much less intimidating now and I have confidence that I will accomplish my goal!
— Melissa B. (Spring '16)
I highly recommend Laura Gaskill’s Mindful Cluttering Clearing e-course. Clutter had the upper hand in my home and it wasn’t something I was able to fend off without help. It just seemed too overwhelming and confusing. Laura’s course can help in a really concrete way with the information, steps, and moral support that are required to stop letting yourself be conquered by clutter. I am so grateful for this course. I met my goals without losing my nerve or my cool and gained the upper hand over a longtime nemesis. Thank you so much, Laura!
— Nan H. (Winter '16)
This course helped me to not feel so alone! It also helped me implement every day mindfulness. Although my actual clutter clearing progress isn’t dramatic, I have learned to slow down and just be aware of my surroundings, and how they effect my mood and that of my family. I certainly will keep plugging along! I left each lesson feeling like I was on the right path. Yes, I am still working through and actioning the homework, but every lesson is enjoyable and spot on. Also, your voice/tone in the podcasts is very reassuring - thank you!
— Rachael Y. (Spring '16)

  Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

what you get:

  • Daily lessons delivered right to your inbox Monday - Friday, with breathing space over the weekends
  • Weekly podcasts to inspire + encourage you to dig deeper
  • Lifetime access to the private (and totally optional) Mindful Clutter Clearing Facebook group
  • Individual support + advice from classmates and me, your teacher, when you post to the Facebook group
  • The option to email your questions + updates directly to me, if you prefer not to be on Facebook
  • Weekly assignments to get you clearing clutter, and accountability to get them done ... because you will be asked to turn them in!


  • A beautiful printable PDF journal and course workbook where you can reflect more deeply on topics covered in class
  • Inspiring interviews with professionals in the fields of psychology, home design, and life coaching, to bring new insights to our decluttering journey 
  • Downloadable e-book packed with all of the lessons and assignments covered in the course
  • Mindfulness meditations to help clarify your vision for your space + life

questions and answers

Q: Do I need to ‘show up’ online at a certain time each day?

A: No. While you can expect new lessons to land in your inbox each weekday, this course is self-paced, so you get to decide when you would like to read the lessons, listen to the podcasts, and so on.

Q: What do I need?

A: Access to a computer, and an email account are the only things you really need. If you would like to participate in the private Facebook group, you will also need a Facebook account, but this is optional. The Mindful Clutter Clearing Facebook group will be our online gathering space where you can connect with other students, but if you prefer not to join, you can always respond to your lesson emails  these go directly to me, and I am always happy to respond!

  Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

Q: How much time should I plan to invest each week?

A: An hour or two each week should be enough time to read through the lessons, interact with classmates in the Facebook group (if you wish), and dip into the course workbook or get started with the weekly assignment. Of course, the more time you can devote to your clutter clearing work, the more progress you will make! But feedback from past students tells me that even if you only read the lessons and listen to the podcasts, the shift in your thinking alone can do wonders - you can always apply the work after our course ends.

  Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

Mindful Clutter Clearing: January 16 - March 3, 2017

Q: What will I get out of this course?

A: As much as you are willing to put in! If you show up with your whole heart and mind open, try some of the workbook activities, and generally give it your all, what you can get out of this course is huge: more space in your home, and a clearer vision of what holds the most meaning to you.

Q: How will the Facebook group work? What if I’m feeling a little shy about posting?

A: The Mindful Clutter Clearing Facebook group is a private group only for the members of this course. Once you are registered for the course, you will be given a link to our Facebook group, where you can request access to the group (I must approve and add members manually, so please allow a day or two for your request to go through). I personally monitor the group to ensure that it is a safe, welcoming, and encouraging space for all. This can be a lovely space to connect with others who are working on the same issues, share photos or thoughts, and ask questions. Of course, you don’t have to post in the group if you don’t want to — being a fly on the wall can be enlightening, too! And perhaps after a week of observing, you will feel comfortable enough to dive in.

Q: The course fees are listed in dollars — do you accept payment in other currencies?

A: Yes! Students from around the world are welcome. Your currency will automatically be converted when you pay.

A small way to give back...

I will be donating a small percentage of enrollment fees from this session of Mindful Clutter Clearing to the White Helmets, a group of unarmed, neutral volunteer rescue workers working tirelessly in Syria to literally dig men, women, and children out of the rubble. I know that our contribution won't be enormous, but doing something, however small, can be more impactful than we know. Just as I coach my clutter clearing students to take things in small, bite-size steps and to keep going, even when things feel overwhelming; when it comes to the state of our world, I feel with my heart that the same advice holds true. Let's do what we can.