Slow the Season: A Month-long Free Course this December

Hello my lovelies! I am as pleased as punch to be finally able to share this with you, because it's something I have been working on behind-the-scenes for quite some time is Slow the Season, a FREE month-long course running during December. The course will include lessons delivered directly to your inbox three times each week, with inspiring podcasts, meditations, a mindful gifting planner, juicy journaling prompts, and more goodies (coloring pages, anyone?).

There are no assignments, nothing you must "do" - this course is (refreshingly) all about catching your breath, slowing down, and simplifying. Topics we will cover include mindful gifting, easing stress, creating a hygge home, and finding your joy. Oh! And there will also be a private Facebook group where we can all gather online and chat :-)

If you tend to feel stressed or pressured over the holiday season, or if you wish you could slow time down a bit so you can really savor your favorite parts of this busy month, I hope you will join us. Sign up for Slow the Season right here. We begin on December first!

xo Laura

Slow the Season: A free month-long course December 1 - 31

Ideas for Warm and Cozy Gatherings with Friends

I'm an introvert, yet I also love nothing more than having a few good friends over to my house for a cozy gathering: to me, this feels so much more comfortable and fun than going out. But with little time to plan, and knowing that herds of children will soon inevitably be running around the house causing chaos (e.g., drowning out the carefully chosen soundtrack with dinosaur roars, injuring one another, and/or breaking stuff) it's hard to find the line between what will make our party feel special...and what's just more trouble than it's worth. So I was delighted to find Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring's new book out, Decorate for a Party, which recently hit the shelves. Here, take a peek...

 Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring

Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring

Especially as the weather turns chillier, I find myself craving more time spent cozying up indoors with good friends and family. Even if it's just uncorking a good bottle of red wine and making a pot of grandma's bolognese on a windy Sunday afternoon, the combination of warmth, good food and drinks, and the pleasant hum of conversation is enough to make any old week feel special. 

Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring

I love that the book is filled with ideas that are easy and budget-friendly, yet feel special. Like giving plain black balloons a sophisticated twist with gold stickers, or setting out a bunch of fresh green garnishes at a DIY cocktail bar. I can do that! 

 Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring

Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring

Some of the warm-weather ideas I'm bookmarking for next year include dressing up plain kraft paper lunch boxes with pretty fabric scraps at a "forest and family" picnic party, giant paper flowers, and an adorably embellished piñata. 

 Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring

Decorate for a Party by Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring

But I also find myself drawn to some of the more elaborate party ideas, which has me dreaming of starting a new monthly tradition with girlfriends...a tea and cake club, perhaps? Or wine and craft night? Just a little time carved out, without children to worry about, when we can enjoy the little things that make life sweet: good friends and good (uninterrupted!) conversation. 

p.s.: I also wrote about Decorate for a Party on Houzz, where you can see a few more shots from the book along with tips & excerpts.

Fall Workshop Series :: Mindful Style Now Enrolling!

Hello my lovelies! I've been in a bit of a creative cave this summer, dreaming and creating the Fall Workshop Series...and now it's officially open for enrollment. The first in the series is Mindful Style: a 3-week journey into the heart and soul of style, which will beginning in just a few short weeks on September 19! Mindful Style is about getting beyond the surface of style, down to the really good stuff: rich, soul-deep, meaningful style. During our three weeks together, you will be unearthing, refining, and defining your personal sense of style, and discovering how to apply that to your home and wardrobe in an authentic way.

Mindful Style: A 3-Week Journey into the Heart and Soul of Style, September 19 - October 7

This course is one I actually dreamed up around the same time I was working on Mindful Clutter Clearing, but I knew it needed to simmer a bit more to make it as wonderfully juicy and inspiring as possible...and I hope that it is! Get creative with inspiration dates and mood boards, download a workbook & journal packed with reflection questions and prompts, and connect with one another in a (totally optional) private Facebook group. I love the back-to-school period, and I always crave a bit of creative enrichment around this time of year - why not join me on this journey?

Mindful Style: A Journey Into the Heart & Soul of Style, September 19 - October 7

(photo: Gaelle Marcel)