Are you ready to make room for what matters?

Whether you’ve attempted to clear the clutter from your home once — or dozens of times — you know that there’s more to it than simply sorting things into piles and giving your old stuff the heave-ho. You have plenty of information about the “how” of decluttering. So why is it still so darned hard?

Cultivating Simple

It’s time to engage your head + heart.

I designed Cultivating Simple with real-world women in mind. You don’t have to be a minimalist, and you don’t have to have loads of extra time. You simply need to be ready for change.

In five sessions spread across ten transformative weeks, I will guide you in a different kind of clutter clearing process — one that engages your thoughts and emotions as you clear your space.

By connecting with the deeper issues at the root of your clutter, you will find it easier to make those tough decisions about what to keep. And with motivational podcasts to listen to as you clear clutter, decluttering projects broken down into doable bite-size pieces, and a private community forum and live chats, you will have a built-in support network to ensure you stay inspired & motivated to make real progress.

Cultivating Simple

Benefits of Cultivating Simple:

Less chaos. More calm.

✔︎ Create a more spacious, calm and welcoming home.

✔︎ Learn how to become clutter-proof instead of a clutter-magnet.

✔︎ Learn a simple, step-by-step approach to clearing clutter that you can return to in future seasons of life.

✔︎ Gently release attachments to clutter that has been holding you back.

✔︎ Discern what you truly want — in your space, your life and your schedule.

✔︎ Discover what is most meaningful to you in life — and make room for what matters.

I recently moved but I haven’t been able to move forward because my clutter was literally in the way. I want to share this course with all the people in my life that are stuck.
— Jacquie G.M.

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We have sessions in the Spring, Fall, and New Year.

Your course led me to examine my life — something I did not expect. I spent most of my month with you thinking about my life, my space, my belongings, how large/small a living space I want ideally, people in my life and how they fit into my house, my wardrobe and how that affects what belongings I keep, and much more ... Much more valuable than just throwing a bunch of stuff out, which I have done before. Thank you!
— Anne H.
Cultivating Simple Course

Included in the course:


✔︎ 5 SESSIONS spread across 10 weeks covering all areas of the home.

✔︎ INSPIRING PODCASTS perfect for listening to while you clear clutter.

✔︎ HANDS-ON PROJECTS with clear, bite-size steps so you can make progress right away.

✔︎ PRINTABLE WORKBOOK packed full of juicy questions and journaling prompts.

✔︎ A PRIVATE FORUM where you can connect, share stories and get support.

✔︎ LIVE CHATS during every session so we can connect in real time.

✔︎ GUIDED MEDITATIONS to get centered and visualize the way you want your home to feel.

✔︎ PDF EBOOK of all course materials for you to download and keep.


The Sessions

Teal Heart.jpg
The course has helped me re-focus on things that matter in my life and how to get there: an emptier house and more focused priorities on how I use my time. Thank you, Laura, for offering this course.
— Ann E.

Meet Laura, your clutter-clearing guide.

Laura Gaskill

When I hit a wall with clutter I was sitting on the floor of my basement, surrounded by ceiling-high stacks of boxes, just a few weeks away from selling our home and moving cross-country.

If you’ve been overwhelmed by clutter, you’re not alone.

I did manage to clear out our entire home — but not without being blindsided by waves of emotion, overwhelm, and utter exhaustion. I’ve learned we need support to help us make the space in our home and life that we deserve.

Cultivating Simple brings together the tools that I’ve seen be most transformative in helping women clear the clutter and find their right-size life.

Teal Heart
Cultivating Simple

Closed for Now…

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We have sessions in the Spring, Fall, and New Year.


We made the news! Feature in Seven Days Vermont:

Inspired by Gaskill’s calm and caring tone, and fortified with her workbooks, podcasts and pictures of serene spaces, I began to beat back my surfeit ... Each Friday, we students would check in online to share our progress. This accountability factor kept me motivated to deaccession everything from drinking glasses to dog toys ...

”Aha!” I reported one Friday. “This process is actually about self-respect, identity and being b-b-brave!” As my recycling bin and Goodwill box swelled, I swear I felt sharper and clearer mentally.
— Julia Shipley, Seven Days Vermont
Cultivating Simple: a self-paced online decluttering course

More Kind Words:

I’ve learned so much about myself through this course. What a wonderful experience.
— Gina B.

This course helped me to not feel so alone! It also helped me implement every day mindfulness. Although my actual clutter clearing progress isn’t dramatic, I have learned to slow down and just be aware of my surroundings, and how they effect my mood and that of my family. I certainly will keep plugging along! I left each lesson feeling like I was on the right path. Yes, I am still working through and actioning the homework, but every lesson is enjoyable and spot on. Also, your voice/tone in the podcasts is very reassuring - thank you!
— Rachael Y.
I really found that I had been going about decluttering and organizing in the wrong way before I took this course. It was more about sorting and containing the stuff in an organized way, but your course helped me see it all in a completely different light! I’m so much more pleased with the outcome and feel like I have control over the clutter and can take care of it before it becomes overwhelming. I still have areas of the house to conquer, but it’s much less intimidating now and I have confidence that I will accomplish my goal!
— Melissa B.

I liked the way Laura came at decluttering from multiple angles ... It meant I could dive into the aspects that were real sticklers for me and look at the others as areas where I felt clear already and that was empowering!
— Margo B.
I highly recommend Laura Gaskill’s Mindful Cluttering Clearing e-course. Clutter had the upper hand in my home and it wasn’t something I was able to fend off without help. It just seemed too overwhelming and confusing. Laura’s course can help in a really concrete way with the information, steps, and moral support that are required to stop letting yourself be conquered by clutter. I am so grateful for this course. I met my goals without losing my nerve or my cool and gained the upper hand over a longtime nemesis. Thank you so much, Laura!
— Nan H.

Laura, I absolutely loved your course. I made a list of things that are different since starting your class and thought I’d share: (I’m sure there are more but this is the quick 60 second version) NO new piles! Paper comes in and it’s gone in 24 hours. That’s really big for me. And to think it’s been happening for 7 weeks! I’m so happy. ... 8 hours of sleep almost every night! Cleaning up kitchen EVERY night before I go to bed! LOVE this as well. Evaluating my clothes every day, small steps at a time. If I put something on and don’t feel good in it, I take it off and put it in the give-away bag. Or if I wear it and at any point don’t like how it feels/looks, I go change! ... Can’t wait for your next class. Whatever it is, I’ll be in it!
— Suzanne C.