A Fresh Start, A Blank Page

First let me just say, welcome! I’m beckoning you with arms wide open (yes, I’m a hugger), inviting you into my little corner of the world. I started blogging seven years ago on Lolalina, and decided it was high time for a change. The biggest difference you may notice on the new site is the name ... oh hello there, it’s my name! Along with the eponymous site, I have been planning a shift in what, why, and how I blog. For all of you who know me through Houzz and Lolalina, fear not: I am still just as much of a design loving homebody as ever, and my love of all things hearth and home will (hopefully) only shine through more than ever. There will be tea and cake (and sometimes cocktails), and talk with creative folks.


What to expect

I will be posting a few times each week (quality over quantity!), sharing some of my own photographs and writing on all things house and home. Each month you can also expect a guest or two for a chat and home or studio tour. I hope you will take a moment to poke around the new site (thanks to the lovely Tracy Castro of Fair Morning Blue for the redesign!) and get cozy. I am so looking forward to posting here.