Clutter-Free Mother's Day (Illustrated!) Gift Guide

First of all, I would like to send out a great big virtual hug to all of the mamas out there waking up each day to beautiful little faces and all of the joy and challenges that that brings. Being a mother is so hard, and I hope that each and every one of you gets spoiled rotten this weekend, and at the very least, that you are able to steal away a few moments for yourself in the midst of this busy life. But I would also like to reach out to those women who have lost a child, those who have lost their mothers, and the women who maybe right now are struggling with emotions because you are trying desperately to have a child, and it has been more of a struggle than you ever dreamed. And to the step-mothers out there (including my own!) who walk that fine line between caregiver, family, and friend, with grace. Each and every one of you deserve a big heap of love this weekend. I am lucky enough to be very close with my own mom, and to have a wonderful, loving step-mom in my life as well ... it may sound complicated, but I just feel doubly blessed!

Me and my mom, circa 1980

Me and my mom, circa 1980

Since Mother's Day is coming right up on Sunday, and I decided to whip up a little last-minute gift guide for your enjoyment, and hopefully to inspire a few ideas if you are still trying to come up with the perfect gift for the wonderful mothers in your life who do so much. And of course since I am in the midst of teaching the second session of Mindful Clutter Clearing, I wanted to make it a clutter-free gift guide...and just for fun, I decided to make it illustrated, too :-)

Last-Minute (Clutter-Free!) Mother's Day Gift Guide

What are clutter-free gifts, you ask? They are experiences, memberships, tickets, events, and edible, consumable, or otherwise use-up-able items. They show your love + thoughtfulness, without leaving mom with yet another thing to clean and care for. So without further ado, here are 10 clutter-free gift ideas for mom this Mother's Day, or any time of year...

  1. Concert tickets. Whether your mom prefers classic rock or chamber music, there is sure to be a concert on the calendar that would be just right for her: surprise her with a pair of tickets so you can both go.
  2. Pedicure. Even better if it's a double pedicure appointment so you can chat and relax together! Or if the gift is for a new mom, including babysitting will send her over the moon.
  3. Handmade bouquet. Think beyond the typical grocery store bouquet and seek out something a little more unusual: pick wildflowers, harvest blooms from your own garden, or seek out an ethical local company (I love Farmgirl Flowers here in the Bay Area) for some hand-delivered goodness.
  4. Essential oils. An assortment of organic essential oils (my favorites include lavender, rose, and neroli) makes a thoughtful little gift: make it even more thoughtful by including an oil diffuser or hand-written instructions on how to use them to make a relaxing, scented bath.
  5. Dinner box subscription. We have been using Plated for about a month now (fyi: this is not a sponsored post) and overall, have been very pleased with the quality of the food + recipes. A dinner box subscription, whether Plated or another, like Blue Apron, makes a really spot-on gift for busy moms.
  6. Fancy soaps or bath goodies. A nice assortment of delicious-smelling soaps, or a jar of really special bath salts or tub sachets is a can't-miss gift for moms, in my humble opinion. I know I can never get enough of these things, and I rarely buy them for myself!
  7. Really good chocolate. I mean. This is so easy! Just go for the best of the best here: think Mast Brothers, or something equally decadent.
  8. Museum membership. There are so many great museums out there, and yes, even in smaller towns! Search online if you're not sure what's out there, and think outside the box: there are art museums, science museums, natural history museums, craft museums, cultural museums and historical centers, and the list goes on...
  9. Weekly housekeeping service. What a gift! This is something that both new moms and grandmothers will be eternally grateful for. If you want to go the extra mile, seek out a house cleaning service that uses environmentally friendly products.
  10. A day on the water. It's true I live on an island in the San Francisco Bay, so this may be an especially lovely location for a day on the water BUT everywhere has some kind of water, whether that is the ocean, a bay, lake, or small swimming hole. There are so many ways you can do this and make it really special: go for a sunset cruise, sign up for sailing lessons, rent paddle boats on a lake, or pack up a delightful picnic and enjoy it on a blanket beside a creek or pond.

Well, that brings me to the end of our list! Have you gotten your mom something for Mother's Day yet? And if you are a mom, what do you hope to do this Sunday? Anything special?