5 Early December Favorites

It's been crisp and chilly here lately, a welcome change from the unseasonably warm weather we had this fall. The leaves are finally in full color, and the short days mean more time to cuddle up inside and read...preferably with a strong cup of tea and a pair of cozy slippers. Which brings me to my first favorite...

Glerups cozy Danish slippers
Garnet Hill flannel sheets

1. Glerups danish wool slippers

I recently treated myself to a pair of Glerups, which are super-cozy Danish wool slippers. I am in love! The wool is so thick and soft and comfortable (and WARM, of course), and the soles are leather, which means if you have to run out to get the mail, they won't be ruined. I picked the no-back type, but if I was still in New England I would be tempted to get the boots ... they look so very toasty. These would make such a lovely gift, and they come in child (and baby) sizes, too.

2. garnet hill hemstitched Flannel sheets

You know that feeling of sliding into freezing cold sheets? That doesn't really happen with flannel sheets, which is why I LOVE putting flannel sheets on the beds in winter. And the set of hemstitched flannel sheets I got during a recent sale at Garnet Hill (psst: looks like they're still on sale) are the softest we've had yet. 

Early December Favorites.JPG

3. Pride and Prejudice (and P&P related fiction)

I recently read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. Why it took this many years for me to get to it, I have no idea. But I loved it, and have plans to dive deep into Austen this winter. But before moving on, I decided to take a detour downstairs, with Longbourn by Jo Baker. I'm a little over halfway through, and I'm glad I didn't look up the reviews before beginning, because there's a lot of hate of this novel out there! I can see where the criticism is coming from, but I'm enjoying it (so far) nonetheless. I've also read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, which is fantastic if you like quirky heroines and traveling into books (and through space-time).

4.Danish butter cookies from trader Joe's

These little cookies have been disappearing rapidly from my house, since all three of us are fans. What made me pick them up in the first place was actually the adorable nordic tin: I plan on reusing it to hold my own cookies when we start baking over the Christmas holiday.

5. Paperwhites (...also from trader Joe's!)

I usually force a bunch of bulbs at this time of year, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet - so I was excited to find a paperwhite bulb in a lovely, simple little glass forcing vase while standing in the checkout line at Trader Joe's. It's cheering up my desk as I type this, and I plan to keep the little vase to force bulbs next year.

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